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MCPlayerEdit v0.16 released

I've released a new version of my Minecraft Player/World Editor MCPlayerEdit v0.16. This release features the following modifications and additions:

  • Update for Minecraft Beta 1.6
  • Added trapdoor inveotory item.
  • Added map inventory item.
  • Added dead desert shrub (unsafe) inventory item. Can only be placed on sand blocks.
  • Added dead grass shrub (unsafe) inventory item. Can only be placed on grass blocks.
  • Added locked chests (automatically disappear when placed after random time).
  • Fishing rods can no longer be stacked in safe mode.
  • Added the 'loseme' command. It clears the inventory and transports the player in a random direction for a given distance. The objective is to find your way back.
  • Added the 'restore' command which restores the last (automatic) created backup of the player data.
  • Improved the startup message.
  • Allow for multiple commands on a single line, separated by a semi-colon. Example: > load World1; give 1 diamond pickaxe; save; quit

It does not seem possible to add Tall Grass to the inventory, even as an unsafe item. :(

You can get the new version Here.

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