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MCPlayerEdit v0.20 released

I've released a new version of my Minecraft Player/World Editor MCPlayerEdit v0.20. This release brings MCPlayerEdit up to date for the upcoming Minecraft Beta v1.8, The following features and modifications have been added:

  • Change player food (including god-mode)..
  • Switch between Creative and Survival.
  • Added Pine leaves, Birch leaves
  • Added (Double) Brick Slab, (Double) Stone Brick Slab, Stone With Silverfish, Stonebrick, Mossy Stonebrick (buggy), Cracked Stonebrick (buggy), Brick Stairs, Stone Brick Stairs
  • Added Huge Brown Mushroom (buggy), Huge Red Mushroom (buggy)
  • Added Iron Bars, Glass Pane, Vines, Fence Gate
  • Added Melon, Pumpkin Stem, Melon Stem, Melon Slice, Pumpkin Seeds, Melon Seeds, Raw Beef, Steak, Raw Chicken, Cooked Chicken, Rotten Flesh
  • Added Ender Pearl

You can get the new version Here.

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