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Nethack farming bot

Benjamin Schieder wrote a bot that automates the process of farming in Nethack:

Or, to be even more precise, it does the job of pudding farming for you.
It even feeds itself when hungry. It sacrifices pudding corpses and
prays to your god. It removes scrolls of scare monster from the altar.
It stops on critical encounters, like petrification, becoming weak or dying.

More information here

I'm curious on how the Nethack community reacts to this news. And if the DevTeam will now do something about farming or not.

Nethack statistics II

Did some more work on the Nethack Statistics. (Script attached to the end of the file)

It's still much to slow. Running it on my logfile with 288 lines takes 8 seconds. 1 Second would even be too much for such a small file. Of course, the Bash script is horrible, and it calls on grep and cut way too often. Perhaps I'll rewrite it in PERL or something.


I have joined in the online IRC Idle RPG game on #nethack-idlerpg (Freenode), in seek of fame, fortune, high levels and extraordinary ammounts of idle time. I'm kind of chatty, so this might become a problem.

The goal of the game? To be idle. Yes, that's right, idle. Do not speak a word. Do not disconnect, do not /quit, /nick, etc. You're not supposed to do anything! All is controlled by the RNG (Random Number God). Of course, people playing nethack knew al along that absolutely everything is in control of the RNG, so this is nothing new to them.

Here are my player statistics and my position on the world map.

This is the most useless thing ever! I like.

Nethack statistics

Fairly useless Nethack Statistics.

Extra Nethack sokoban level formats

I've created some more different level formats for the Nethack Sokoban levelsets. Sokoban++ seems to have an import/export function and I decided to abuse it.

Why are there a gazilion different formats for such a simple game?

Nethack notes

I've been playing a lot of Nethack lately. It's quite addictive. And you tend to die a lot.

For instance: In my last game I arrived at the Medusa level. Now, Medusa will turn you to stone if you look at here directly, so I was going blindfolded. I read somewhere that you can use a mirror to defeat here, so I went back up in the dungeon to get one. On the level directly above the Medusa level, I encountered a cockatrice. These will also turn you to stone, but only if you touch them. "Okay, let's be carefull" I think, and kill it from a distance with some daggers. When it's finally dead, I walk over the corpse, but I forgot I was wearing the blindfold. When wearing the blindfold, you can't see what's on the ground, so instead you'll feel what's on the ground. "You feel here a cockatrice corpse". Feeling usually involves touching, and touching a cockatrice…. turns you to stone. Ooh, the irony!

This is just one of the many splendid ways in which you can die in Nethack. Pretty neat huh? :)

Anyay.. I've been collecting all possible information given to me during the game in one way or another. I've put my notes on-line for all to see.

Nethack notes