Stopping spam

By Ferry Boender <f.boender (AT) nihilist (DOT) nl>

Version 0.2, Sat July 12, 2003


I guess we can all agree to the fact that e-mail spam is extremely annoying. We will never be able to completely get rid of it all together, but there are ways to reduce the amount of spam you'll receive. I myself have gone through great lengths in order to stop spam from reaching my e-mail in-box. There are some simple steps which you can embrace in order to do the same for your poor little in-box. They aren't hard to follow, they just require you to be consistent and, more important, educate other people. This is what I'm trying to do here: educate you.

Why you get spam

Why do you get spam? Because they have your e-mail address. How did they get it? Most probably one of these reasons:

Stopping it

So, how do you make sure you won't receive any spam anymore? Well, if you already are receiving lots of spam, your dead in the water. There's only one solution: get another e-mail address. In fact, get two new e-mail addresses: