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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

So, I've read there's another virus on the loose. *g* When will this end? I'll tell you: never. At least, not until these virusses do some radical damage. They aren't destructive enough against the right targets. Right now, these virusses do create a lot of problems and damage to infrastructures and companies. The problem is, home users don't give a shit. There are lots of sites out there which educate the people on how to avoid such virusses, but do they read them? Do they learn from previous virusses? Hell no. Why should they care, all the virus does is replicate. It doesn't delete all their digital camera pictures, mp3's, downloaded movies or porn, so they don't give a rat's ass.

When the propagators of these virusses, the home users, start feeling the pain caused by these virusses, then they will take the time to think for a couple of seconds and do something about it. E.g. install and REGURALY UPGRADE their virusscanners, stop clicking of everything that say's click me, run the WSH files that will protect their inboxes from crap.

Disclaimer: I haven't actually looked at how MyDoom propegates at all, so I might be totally off on this. But since I'm not seeying as much as a glimp of this virus, I suspect it spreads in the usual fashion