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Vexel artsy thingy

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Yesterday evening, being the lazy slacker that I am, instead of working on my project, I was surfing around. I went to freshmeat, saw some interesting project, visited the author’s homepage, saw a link, got to some other guys website where I read that he was the inventor of the word Vexel.

There was a link on his site to the Vexel site and I spent some time surfing that, viewing different Vexels. Then I came across this artist’s profile. First check out this thumbnail. Looks like a photographs, doesn’t it? But then check out the full version! It’s actually a hand-made vector-oriented image! It was even just her fourth Vexel. Took 900 layers to create. That might not mean much to you if you’re not into computer graphics, but it’s a lot. The most layers I ever used in a computer generated image was about 200. And about a fifth of those were automatically generated and another fifth were just throw-away layers.

Now that’s talent. Her online portfolio contains more great art, btw.

Reminds me of that demo-scene pixel-artist guy’s work I saw a couple of years ago. The guy used some age-old DOS port of an Amiga image editing program to draw, completely by hand, an almost picture-perfect image of a woman. There were even individual little blond hairs on her arms. Amazing what some people can do with some free time and some artsy skills. Wish I could do it.

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