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Windows Vista: Slow and annoying

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

My mom recently bought a new budget-laptop that came installed with Microsoft Windows Vista. Now, I'm no Microsoft fan, especially not when it comes to Windows, but that's just me. It's perfectly fine for my mom and non-power users in general. I basically try to spend the smallest amount of time in Windows as I can. I've got a Windows 2000 machine at work, for billing my hours (yeah, I guess my work couldn't afford a decent billing system that wasn't created at Windows-R-Us) and I occasionally help my parents out with their Windows machines. It's not too bad, as long as I don't have to spend too much time in it.

Since Windows 98, there's been a steady growth in quality in Windows. 98 Pretty much sucked, 2000 was reasonable and XP was very decent. But everything's gone down the drain with Vista. It's amazing how many leaps back an Operating System can make in so much time. I'd already heard how bad Vista was, but it really blew my brain. I've only spend, like, an hour on it, setting it up and (un)installing various applications, but here are some of the things I noticed straight away:

After about one hour of working with it, Vista was driving me insane. Most versions of windows have done so, but usually only after I've had to work with them all day long or when I have to install new hardware or do something totally unexpected such as trying out a new application. Vista had me up the wall in less than an hour. Impressive.

There's only one conclusion: I'm installing 2000 again or perhaps get my hands on a second hand XP version (I'm already looking forward to the Gestappo-like activation). Vista's as bad as everybody said it was. Vista's bad, even for a Microsoft product. Wow.