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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Since me and my housemate have been living in our house for nearly one and a half years now, we thought it was high time for a house warming party! But who to invite? “Well”, we thought, “why not invite everybody”?


Friday, 25th of Januari 2008
Party at our place!

The party starts at basically whatever time you’d like to show up. A general guideline would be around 8 o’clock in the evening, but you’re more than welcome earlier. We haven’t set an end time for the party, so we can keep going all night long if need be.

Who’s invited?

Everybody’s invited! You can bring your friends, coworkers, your significant others, your mom, whoever you want. We really don’t mind. The more, the merrier, we always say.


The party will be held at our house. The address is:

Lloyd Webberhof 56
3543 EH
The Netherlands


Here’s the place on Google Maps.

If you’re coming in by train, there’s a train station (Utrecht Terwijde) quite near our house. Once you disembark from the train, go down the stairs and straight ahead over the old tracks and over the little bridge. Go left, past the bicycle stands, then right (yes, you can walk on that street, no worries). You’ll pass a park on your left. Take the first street on the right and immediately go left, in between the houses and the tall ugly building. Take the first street on the right. This is the Lloyd Webberhof. Number 56 is all the way at the end, on the right – just follow the music ;-).

If you’re coming in by car: From Amersfoort get on the A28 towards Utrecht. From the A28, get on the A27 towards Den Haag/Breda. Take the exit to the A2 towards Utrecht/Amsterdam. On the A2, take exit 7 ‘Oog in al’. Take the second street on the right, BEFORE crossing the bridge. You’ll go all around and over the highway and will end up at a roundabout. Take a left at the roundabout, then take the first street on the right (passing through a tunnel underneath the railway). Out the tunnel, take a left. Take the fifth street on the right. Take the first left, and keep going until you’re almost at the end of the road (which ends in a T-section). Before that T-section, you’ll see parking spaces on your right, where you can park your car. On the other side of the house bordering the car park is the Lloyd Webberhof.

Tha booze and tha food

Since we have absolutely no idea how many people are going to show up, it would be a good idea to bring your own booze and food. Naturally we’ll have some, but we honestly can’t say if it’ll be enough. So, rather safe than sorry, right?


If you want to, you can sleep over at our place. There’s plenty of room for people to sleep, but you’d be wise to bring your own sleeping gear (airbed, sleeping bag, pillow), since we don’t have many spare beds. Also, you’ll probably have to share a room with some other people. If this bothers you, bring a tent or something.


Wanna know more? Can’t find the house on friday? You can send me email and find out my MSN/ICQ address by going to this page: Contact information. In case you need to call me (cause you can’t find the house or whatever), my phone number is: +316********. (Update: Removed after the party for obvious reasons :-P)


No presents please! Unless it’s booze for yourself.

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