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Ubuntu sucks!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

I used to be real pleased with Ubuntu, because it got a couple of things right that Debian didn’t. But I’ve upgraded my Ubuntu install three times now, and every time I upgraded everything broke.

The last time I upgraded, everything even remotely having anything to do with sound broke. This was because the geniuses at Ubuntu decided to include the shitty PulseAudio sound architecture in Ubuntu way before it was ready to be included. (Yeah, I know, not really PulseAudio’s fault, but I’m just trying to get the PulseAudio crowd pissed at the Ubuntu crowd in the hopes that they’ll gun them down).

Last time I upgraded, from Hardy to Intrepid, all my sound stuff broke again, flash didn’t work anymore, my wireless broke (I’ve kind of fixed it now, but now NetworkManager keeps dropping the wireless connection when I push too much data through it, and can’t get up again without a reboot – piece of shit), my hotkeys and all my keybindings broke, my sessions weren’t saved anymore, my sound applet refuses to address the right mixer channel, my ~/.xinitrc is being ignored, I can’t rm -rf / anymore (my favorite past-time thing in Linux :-( ).

Each time I upgraded Ubuntu, I found myself doing a clean install a couple of days later because too many things had broken. And even after that, many of the broken things were still busted.

I’ve had it with Ubuntu. It’s a piece of shit. I’m going back to Debian Stable.

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