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Modifying Boxee keybindings

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Boxee is a pretty awesome media player for Linux. Now, I don't have a remote to control it, but I do have a Logitech DiNovo Wireless keyboard with a detachable numeric pad. Modifying Boxee to support controlling it using the numeric pad is rather easy:

Browse to the map that contains the Boxee installation. For me that's /opt/boxee but it's probably different on your system (try /usr/share/boxee or /usr/lib/boxee). Open up the file system/keymaps/keyboard.xml in your favorite editor. Here you will see a big list of keybindings. Find the <global> section which contains the <keyboard> section. In that section, add the following:


Now comment out the following lines:


You may also want to modify the <FullscreenVideo> section and add these:


Save the file, exit, and start Boxee. You can now control using your numeric pad.