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Multi-repo Git status checking script

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

I’ve got a whole bunch of Git repositories in my ~/Projects/ directory. All of those may have unstaged, uncommitted or unpushed changes. I find this hard to keep track of properly, so I wrote a script to do this for me. The output looks like this:


As you can see, it shows:

  • Untracked files: File that are new, are unknown to git and have not been ignored.
  • Uncommitted changes: Files that are known to git and have changes which are not committed.
  • Needs push: New local commits which have not been pushed to the remove origin. 

The script scans for .git directories under the given path. It will only scan a certain level deep. The default for this is 2, which means “all directories directly under this directory”. A value of ‘3’ would scan two directories deep.

Full usage:

Usage: git-status.sh <DIR> [DEPTH=2]
​Scan for .git dirs under DIR (up to DEPTH dirs deep) and show git status

Get it from the Github project page.

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