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Bexec: Execute script in buffer and display output in buffer. Version 0.10 released.

Monday, January 9th, 2017

After almost a year of no releases, I’ve made a new release of Bexec today. It’s a minor feature release that brings a new setting to Bexec: bexec_splitsize. This settings controls the default size of the output window. You can set it in your .vimrc as follows:

let g:bexec_splitsize=20

This will always make the output window 20 lines high.

It’s been almost exactly ten years since the first version of Bexec was released. Version 0.1 was uploaded to vim.org on Januari 30th of 2007. That makes about one release per year on average for Bexec ;-) Perhaps it’s time for v1.0 after all this time…

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