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ScriptForm v1.1: Webserver that automatically generates forms to serve as frontends to scripts

Monday, February 6th, 2017

ScriptForm is a stand-alone webserver that automatically generates forms from JSON to serve as frontends to scripts. It takes a JSON file which contains form definitions, constructs web forms from this JSON and serves these to users over HTTP. The user can select a form and fill it out. When the user submits the form, it is validated and the associated script is called. Data entered in the form is passed to the script through the environment.

Some links for further information:

Github repository / sourcehttps://github.com/fboender/scriptform
Download releaseshttps://github.com/fboender/scriptform/releases, packages are available for Debian, Redhat and other Linux-bases systems.

This release (v1.1) features the following changes:

  • Improved form configuration loading error messages.
  • Passwords containing a ‘:’ caused problems.
  • When incorrect redirects were done, or if the user specified an URL starting with two slashes, Scriptform would show a 500 error.
  • When stopping or restarting Scriptform, a harmless error about missing arguments to _cleanup() would be shown in the log file.
  • Various updates to the documentation and examples.

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