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Lurch: a unixy launcher and auto-typer

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

I cobbled together a unixy command / application launcher and auto-typer. I’ve dubbed it Lurch.


  • Fuzzy filtering as-you-type.
  • Execute commands.
  • Open new browser tabs.
  • Auto-type into currently focussed window
  • Auto-type TOTP / rfc6238 / two-factor / Google Authenticator codes.
  • Unixy and composable. Reads entries from stdin.

You can use and combine these features to do many things:

  • Auto-type passwords
  • Switch between currently opened windows by typing a part of its title (using wmctrl to list and switch to windows)
  • As a generic (and very customizable) application launcher by parsing .desktop entries or whatever.
  • Quickly cd to parts of your filesystem using auto-type.
  • Open browser tabs and search via google or specific search engines.
  • List all entries in your SSH configuration and quickly launch an ssh session to one of them.
  • Etc.

You’ll need a way to launch it when you press a keybinding. That’s usually the window manager’s job. For XFCE, you can add a keybinding under the Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts settings dialog.

Here’s what it looks like:

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I cannot provide any support for this project:

NO SUPPORT: There is absolutely ZERO support on this project. Due to time constraints, I don’t take bug or features reports and probably won’t accept your pull requests.

You can get it from the Github page.

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