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Posting license

All the text of the posts on this weblog (https://www.electricmonk.nl/log/), with the exception of programming source code (which is available under the GPL unless mentioned otherwise) and any text which mentions a different license, is made available under the following license:

This text may be freely distributed, in part or as a whole, on any medium, without the prior authorization of the author, provided that this Copyright notice remains intact, and there will be no obstruction as to the further distribution of this text. You may not ask a fee for the contents of this text, though a fee to compensate for the distribution of this text is permitted.

Modifications to this text are permitted, provided that the modified text is distributed under the same license as the original text and no copyright notices are removed from this text. Reproduced text must also reproduce this license in a clear and visible manner. All contents written by an author stays copyrighted by that author.

Failure to comply to one or all of the terms of this license automatically revokes your rights granted by this license.

The text of all posts on this blog, unless specificly mentioned otherwise, are licensed under this license.