PROMS is a web-based project management system whose primary goal is to provide a facility for developers to communicate and get feedback from other developers and end-users as well as getting feed-back from users (in the form of bugs, etc) and as a place holder for project information. It allows users to see project details, report bugs and feature requests, and to discuss projects in a forum. Projects can be split up into multiple parts and project maintainers can assign tasks and programmers to each part. Proms is meant to be a very lightweight replacement of the SourceForge project management software, and has been built more or less modular.


Project information

All of a project's most important information neatly laid out on one page. A description, the projects latest releases, author information and links to various other parts of Proms like Release overview, Bug lists and Tasks/Todos. From this page people can also subscribe themselves to the release mailinglist.


One of the main reasons for this project was so that I'd have a reasonable bugtracker. This bugtracker lets you, other developers and your users report bugs in an easy manner. In each report a number of things can be specified: the version, which part of the project/program the bug applies to, a subject, a description of the bug, reproduction steps and even a patch. In the bug list, which is publicly available (I like to be open towards my users), all current and old bugs can be viewed. You, and those project members who are authorized, can alter the states of bugs. The Bugs module has been integrated with the Forum module, so people will be able to discuss bugs in the forum. Bugs can be assigned various states like 'Fixed', 'Closed', 'Unreproducible', etc.


Keep all of your projects release details in Proms. For each release you can specify the release focus (i.e. 'Minor bugfixes') and provide links to source tarballs and various binary formats as well as specify the major changes in this release, or just link to the Changelog for this version. Files can be uploaded and can be easily linked to when creating a new release.

Manage projects

Projects are split up in different parts - each part having its own maintainer. Bugs, todo's and various other elements of Proms use these parts to categorize information for easy access. Users can be made a member of a project, each having its own level of access. Access restrictions are fully customizable to allow for a wide variety of different organisational tasks.


The Todo module is mostly the same as the bugs module but, you guessed it, for todo's and tasks. One can assign a priority to a todo and, in the future, assign it to a project member. Todos can be marked 'In progress' or 'Done' and these statuses reflect back at the Progress meter in the Project overview page.


License:General Public License (GPL) v2.0 or higher
Current status:Unstable
Development activity:Active



StatusVersionRelease dateTypeDownload
Unstablev0.12.121 Oct 2005Sourceproms-0.12.1.tar.gz

Other information

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