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PieterPost is a webbased interface to a POP3 mailbox. It is designed to be both small and easy to use. It's not extremely feature-rich, for POP3 is not a very extended protocol. But it has all the features needed to quickly read your mail, download or send an attachment, and for some people it may even be a good alternative to hotmail or any other web-based e-mailbox provider.

PieterPost is mostly oriented towards GNU/Linux (unix) compliant systems (i.e. setup script, storage path for user preferences), but in theory, it should be usable on any other platform which PHP supports.


  • Language Support.
  • Ability to show all, new or old message in mailbox.
  • Multiple addressed in To, CC and BCC fields.
  • Themes.
  • Shows which messages you already read.
  • Viewing mail.
  • Replying mail.
  • Deleting mail.
  • Viewing/downloading multiple attachments.
  • Composing mail.
  • Sending attachments.
  • Address book, directly accessible from compose.
  • User preferences like sorting and signature.
  • Small or full header display.



License:General Public License (GPL) v2.0 or higher
Language:PHP (4/5)
Current status:Stable
Development activity:Bugfixes only




StatusVersionRelease dateTypeDownload
Unstablev0.10.924 May 2004Sourcepieterpost-0.10.9.tar.gz

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