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In my free time I like to hack a bit on various computer programs and tools. Most of them are Free Software or otherwise Open Source or Public Domain. So I list some of the more useful ones here for your pleasure. You can view all my projects on my:

Actively maintained


Ansible-cmdb takes the output of Ansible's fact gathering and converts it into a static HTML overview page containing system configuration information. It supports multiple templates and extending information gathered by Ansible with custom data.


BBCloner (Bitbucket Cloner) creates mirrors of your public and private Bitbucket Git repositories. It also synchronizes already existing mirrors. Initial mirror setup requires you manually enter your username/password. Subsequent synchronization of mirrors is done using Deployment Keys.


gCountDown is a very simple alarm countdown timer for the Linux desktop. It sits in your system tray where you can click it to set an alarm. Once the time runs out, you will be alerted.


hircd is a minimal, hacky implementation of an IRC server daemon written in Python in about 400 lines of code, including comments.


gExec is a small GTK2 tool for running a command. It presents the user with a dialog in which they can enter the name of a command and toggle some options which influence the way the command is run. It is designed to be small and usefull with few dependenices.


Bexec is a Vim plugin that allows the user to execute the current buffer if it contains a script with a shebang (#!/path/to/interpreter) on the first line or if the default interpreter for the script's type is known by Bexec. The output of the script will be grabbed and displayed in a separate buffer.


PyBrainfuck is a speed-optimized Brainfuck interpreter written in Python. Brainfuck is an esoteric (joke) programming language which is Turing-complete (given enough memory) with only 8 op-codes (instructions). It was designed to allow for the smallest possible compiler.


Backup is a shell script which tries to simplify/speed up the process of making backups. The paths that need to be backed up are read from a file containing the full pathnames to the paths and/or files that need to be backed up. A tar.bz2 archive is created for each individual directory/file. Configuration is provided through a local or global configuration file.


RSSMerger is a python script which merges multiple RSS feeds into a single feed while maintaining the correct order in which items appeared in the original feeds.


Joymaster allows you to control X11 windows using your joystick. Unlike other such tools, Joymaster supports macro's on both the triggers (joystick) as well as on the simulated events (keystrokes in X11 windows).


DataQ is a small message and data queueing server featuring a very simple text-based protocol which makes it very easy to implement clients for it. It features FILO and FIFO queues and various queue restricitions.


A simple shell script for managing a Minecraft Server on a RAM disk, including creating regular persistent copies of the world and making daily backups.


localenv is a collection of scripts that run other scripts and replace (configuration) files depending on the current profile, which is determined by the network you're currently on. It is ideal for laptop owners that move between different networks.


SafeMailTo is a tiny piece of Javascript for stopping spam bot harvesters from obtaining your e-mail address from your homepage. The e-mail address doesn't appear anywhere in the HTML source and thus cannot be read by spam bots. It is, however, still shown in real browsers, including a mailto link.

Alarm is a small shell script that can aid you in alerting you of things at specified times. It does this by displaying a message in X (using one of the variety of X message displaying tools) at the time of the alert.


Small PHP script which reads in an RSS feed, takes the news items and then puts them in a MySQL database.


MyQryReplayer is a tool which can read the MySQL query log and replay an entire session's worth of queries against a database (SELECT queries only by default). While doing so, it records the time each query took to run, and any queries that failed including their error messages. MyQryReplayer can be used to inspect query performance, and to check a log of queries against a database for possible errors (when upgrading to a new version of MySQL for example).


Autocomp-lite is a small, featureless C library that implements (crappy) autocompletion. You can compile your own program against it and thus get autocompletion for commands and files in your program.


TLib-PHP: A collection of PHP classes/functions that are needed frequently by developers and are simple, lightweight and well documented. A sample of the features TLib-PHP offers: Additional string manipulation, extra control structures, a simple Unit Tester and a small Web control framework.


Templum is an extremely lightweight, simple yet powerful and fast templating engine for PHP. It re-uses the power of PHP itself for rendering templates, but provides additional features making it easier to write templating code. Rendering templates using Templum is very fast; it approximates native PHP rendering speed for include() statements.

Unmaintained but usable


PieterPost is a pop3/mail web interface written in PHP. It allows you to access your mail through any normal browser. It's kind of feature-less as of yet because the POP3 protocol is only limited. Its primary function is just viewing mail, and being able to reply to it.


MCPlayerEdit is a Minecraft player- and inventory editor for GNU/Linux, MS Windows and Mac OS X.


Nimf is a two panel file manager ala Norton Commander, programmed in C using the GTK toolkit. It's main goal is to create a full-featured file manager which adheres to 'The law of least astonishment'.


ListPatron is a GTK2 application which aids in the keeping of lists of information like books, movies, todo's, addresses, etc. Lists are freely definable by the user and can be searched, sorted, exported and (in the future) filtered. Reports can be created from information in various formats.


MiniOrganizer is a small no-nonsense personal digital organizer written in GTK2, featuring appointments, todos and notes. It uses iCalendar files as its native backend, supports multiple alarms per appointment/todo and has recursive todos.


WTP is a web-based (php) FTP client with which you can access files on a server through your browser.

Unmaintained and broken


RaboGRAP was een programma wat statistieken, overzichten en grafieken genereerde van je Rabobank afschriften. Deze afschriften kon je downloaden via Rabobank Internetbankieren.


PROMS was a webbased project management system whose primary goal was to provide a facility for developers to communicate amongst other developers, communicating things to end-users as well as getting feed-back from users (in the form of bugs, etc) and as a placeholder for project information.

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