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Chrome’s Console API: Greatest Hits

The Chrome debugger is the best tool for locating problematic code in a JavaScript application, but there are times that diving into your code line-by-line isn’t the fastest or most convenient means to that end. We all know about console.log(), but I thought I’d write about a few of its lesser-known cousins that are more […]

Object Oriented Javascript

I never really gave it much thought, but it turns out that, naturally, Javascript supports Object Oriented programming. It’s a bit awkward, but still: /***************************************************************** * Class description *****************************************************************/ function MyClass(param1, param2) { /*———————————————————— * PROPERTIES *———————————————————–*/ this.property1 = false; thisObj.eventHappened = false; /*———————————————————— * METHODS *———————————————————–*/ /** * method1 */ this.method1 = function(param2) { […]

Information harvested by NSA larger than acknowledged

From Slashdot: The New York Times is reporting that the “volume of information harvested from telecommunication data and voice networks, without court-approved warrants, is much larger than the White House has acknowledged.” The NSA gained the cooperation of many American telecommunication companies after 9/11 to access streams of communication, both domestic and international, as a […]

Playground: Table column drag’n’drop resize

I write web applications at my work and in them I frequently make use of tables displaying information. Unfortunatelly, everybody always keeps asking ‘Can you increase the size of this or that limited table column?’. Normally, we use tooltips to display contents that has been cut off, but that often requires some users to mouse-over […]

Playground: Online Webbased TicTacToe

Here’s a little TicTacToe game which can be played online in your browser against an reallife opponent. Everything is interactive, no need to refresh anything. It uses XMLHttpRequest to do Client 2 Server 2 Client communications.

WebGUI toolkit: A (small) proof-of-concept

Felt a little better today (I’ve got the flu), so I decided to do some hacking. I had this idea for a while about building a WebGUI toolkit with Widgets and all that stuff. So I made a little Proof-of-Concept. More (just barely) information can be found in the Playground. Imagine what you could do […]


I’ve heard about XMLHttpRequest before, but never really gave it much attention. Which means I didn’t even know what it was supposed to do, and therefor never looked into it further. Turns out it’s pretty neat though. If you’re a webdeveloper, you must know how we deal with stuff like changing the values in a […]

I hate….

It should speak for itself because, you know, who doesn’t.. but still: I HATE Javascript. Really. I bloody hate it. I’m not even going to explain why I hate it. If you don’t know, you should try working with it some time. It’s hilarious, truely! I mean.. even location.href=…. has undocumented behaviour. Such a simple […]

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