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Two-factor authentication via SMS is worse than no two-factor authentication at all

Another case of online theft whereby the attacker takes over a victim’s phone and performs an account reset through SMS has just hit the web. This is the sixth case I’ve read about, but undoubtedly there are many many more. In this case, the victim only lost $200. In other cases, victims have lost thousands […]

Companies, why don’t you want my feedback?

I’m one of those people who think everything can always be a little bit better. Apparently companies aren’t interested in hearing about customer experience, since it’s basically always completely impossible to find a working, decent customer feedback point on any commercial website. How sad is it that the only way to properly get into contact […]

The All-Web paradigm is a long way away

Google, with their Google Chrome OS, are betting on our computing-experience moving to the Cloud in the future. Some people agree with that prediction. As Hacker News user Wavephorm mentions: The “All-Web” paradigm is coming, folks. And it really doesn’t matter how much you love your iPhone, or your Android, or Windows phone. Native apps […]

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A programmer once built a vast database containing all the literature, facts, figures, and data in the world. Then he built an advanced querying system that linked that knowledge together, allowing him to wander through the database at will. Satisfied and pleased, he sat down before his computer to enjoy the fruits of his labor. […]

Security Questions considered harmful

Many online services allow, or even worse, require, the so called “Security Question”. It is a question/answer you can enter in case you ever forget your password or can’t access your account for some reason. In my opinion, security questions are an incredibly bad idea, from a security perspective. The usual security questions are things […]

I’m ditching Chrome because of the http:// stripping.

New development builds, and apparently the Beta build of Chrome for the Mac, strip the ‘http://’ part from the URL input field. Since I run Chromium for Linux, which uses nightly builds of Chrome, I am already affected by this retarded decision. For this reason I will no longer be using Chrome, nor will I […]

Game review: Midnightclub Los Angeles (SUCKS)

I’m not normally into the game reviewing thing, but I’ll make an exception for Midnightclub Los Angeles because it is, without a single doubt, the worst ‘racing’ (and I use the word ‘racing’ loosely here) game I have ever wasted money on. The story: None. But that’s okay. It’s a racing game, it doesn’t require […]

The most annoying thing about email…

The most annoying thing about email… When someone sends you an email, and not five minutes later proceeds to call you up or visit you to ask if you’ve already read their e-mail and what your response is gonna be. Then makes you explain your entire response and says “send me an email about that, […]

Gift certificates

I don’t understand gift certificates. I mean, the idea is quite good: A piece of paper that represents a certain value, and which you can then trade for goods of some kind. Much better than dragging all that gold around all the time. So in that regard, gift certificates are an awesome idea. Except that […]

Ubuntu sucks!

I used to be real pleased with Ubuntu, because it got a couple of things right that Debian didn’t. But I’ve upgraded my Ubuntu install three times now, and every time I upgraded everything broke. The last time I upgraded, everything even remotely having anything to do with sound broke. This was because the geniuses […]

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