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Ansible-cmdb v1.10 released

I’ve just released ansible-cmdb v1.10. Ansible-cmdb takes the output of Ansible’s fact gathering and converts it into a static HTML overview page containing system configuration information. It supports multiple templates and extending information gathered by Ansible with custom data. This is a feature and bugfix release, including the following changes: Fix for UTF-8 characters appearing in […]

Companies, why don’t you want my feedback?

I’m one of those people who think everything can always be a little bit better. Apparently companies aren’t interested in hearing about customer experience, since it’s basically always completely impossible to find a working, decent customer feedback point on any commercial website. How sad is it that the only way to properly get into contact […]

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A programmer once built a vast database containing all the literature, facts, figures, and data in the world. Then he built an advanced querying system that linked that knowledge together, allowing him to wander through the database at will. Satisfied and pleased, he sat down before his computer to enjoy the fruits of his labor. […]

I’m on vacation till June 29

I’ll be on vacation from now till June 29. Depending on WiFi-availability in the area I’m visiting, I may or may not respond to anything until that time.

Software Bashing

We started a new site where we can vent our rage on all things sucky about software: Software Bashing: We hate software. With a passion: Fact: All software sucks. We’re here to show you exactly why, and just how much it truly sucks. We don’t discriminate against vendor or development model; all software sucks. We […]

The most annoying thing about email…

The most annoying thing about email… When someone sends you an email, and not five minutes later proceeds to call you up or visit you to ask if you’ve already read their e-mail and what your response is gonna be. Then makes you explain your entire response and says “send me an email about that, […]

Gift certificates

I don’t understand gift certificates. I mean, the idea is quite good: A piece of paper that represents a certain value, and which you can then trade for goods of some kind. Much better than dragging all that gold around all the time. So in that regard, gift certificates are an awesome idea. Except that […]


I’ll be on vacation from now till the 26th of July.


Since me and my housemate have been living in our house for nearly one and a half years now, we thought it was high time for a house warming party! But who to invite? “Well”, we thought, “why not invite everybody”? When? Friday, 25th of Januari 2008 Party at our place! The party starts at […]

Angry Whopper!! Pff.

The ANGRY Whopper, with ANGRY onions and ANGRY jalapenos! Hey, BurgerKing?! Your ANGRY advertisement just caused you to loose an ANGRY customer. Angry onions? Spare me. There’s no way this ad wasn’t made up by an American advertisement company. Well, guess what? I don’t like companies making me feel stupid when buying their products, so […]

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