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Windows Vim settings

Geez, the default settings for the windows version of vim suck! It’s got all these crooked little ‘shift-arrowkeys for selecting text’ options and whatnot. I don’t want that crap! Autoindenting was completely fubar too. So much so that I couldn’t even normally insert text without each line violently shaking the left and right. So I […]

Windows GVim FTP

I’ve spent an eternity trying to find out how to get gvim under Windows to open files transparantely over FTP. According to the manual, it’s supposed to work like this: :e ftp://[user]@[hostname]/file But that didn’t work for me. I thought I tried everything, but it just wouldn’t work. Some red-coloured errors flashed by everytime I […]

Linux IDE’s

Lately I’ve been hearing all kinds of people say “Linux doesn’t have a decent IDE”. For those that don’t know: an IDE is an Integrated Development Evironment, which means that you get a tool that includes all kinds of other tools with which you can easily develop programs. It’s kind of like a mix between […]

Firefox and Vim, they’re back

I’ve transfered and refactored the old Vim and Firefox pages from my old homepage over to this place. They’re here: Firefox and Vim.

Vim section

Added a Vim section.

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