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POODLE: SSLv3 bug summary

Yet Another SSL bug: This time a problem with SSLv3. Most browsers and web servers support SSLv3. Many don’t use it by default; instead opting for higher versions of SSL such as TLS v1.0+. The problem is that attackers can force a downgrade of the negotiated protocol, which will result in the SSLv3 protocol being used […]

Quick-n-dirty HAR (HTTP Archive) viewer

HAR, HTTP Archive, is a JSON-encoded dump of a list of requests and their associated headers, bodies, etc. Here’s a partial example containing a single request: { “startedDateTime”: “2013-09-16T18:02:04.741Z”, “time”: 51, “request”: { “method”: “GET”, “url”: “http://electricmonk.nl/”, “httpVersion”: “HTTP/1.1”, “headers”: [], “queryString”: [], “cookies”: [], “headersSize”: 38, “bodySize”: 0 }, “response”: { “status”: 301, “statusText”: […]

bbcloner: create mirrors of your public and private Bitbucket Git repositories

  I wrote a small tool that assists in creating mirrors of your public and private Bitbucket Git repositories and wikis. It also synchronizes already existing mirrors. Initial mirror setup requires that you manually enter your username/password. Subsequent synchronization of mirrors is done using Deployment Keys. You can download a tar.gz, a Debian/Ubuntu package or clone […]

Quick Introduction to LDAP Basics

Every now and then I have to work on something that involves LDAP, and every time I seem to have completely forgotten how it works. So I’m putting this here for future me: a quick introduction to LDAP basics. Remember, future me (and anyone else reading this), at the time of writing you are by […]

Subversion svn:ignore propery doesn’t (seem) to work? [FIXED]

Say you’re trying to set the “ignore” property on something in a subversion checkout like this: svn propset svn:ignore “foo.pyc” . Next you do a svn status: M foo.pyc It seems it isn’t working. In order to fix this, you must remember to first: Remove the file from subversion and commit svn update all the […]

Stop Joomla (v2.5) from logging you out of the administrator interface

The Joomla v2.5 backend administrator interface by default will log you out after you’ve been inactive for 24 minutes (some on the internet claim it’s 15, others 30 minutes. For me, it seems it was 24). This is quite annoying, and usually easily fixed in most PHP applications by changing the session timeout. Joomla also […]

MobaXterm – (Free) All-in-one Xserver/SSH/Linux environment for Windows

I recently stumbled on MobaXterm. It’s a complete unix enviroment including X Server/SSH/Telnet/SCP/FTP client all in one. The list of features is impressive to say the least. This is an excellent replacement for Putty. A small selection of the most useful features: Free. What more is there to say? Tabs and Horizontal / Vertical split […]

The user isn’t always wrong

Some time ago, my mother bought a new laptop. It came preinstalled with Windows Vista, which proved to be quite the disaster. The laptop wasn’t nowhere near fast enough to run it, so I installed Ubuntu on it. This allowed my mom to do everything she needed to do with the laptop, while at the […]

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A programmer once built a vast database containing all the literature, facts, figures, and data in the world. Then he built an advanced querying system that linked that knowledge together, allowing him to wander through the database at will. Satisfied and pleased, he sat down before his computer to enjoy the fruits of his labor. […]

Evolutionary Algorithm: Evolving “Hello, World!”

Note: The latest version of this article is always available from the Writings page in HTML, PDF, ePub and AsciiDoc (source) format. My interest in Evolutionary Algorithms started when I read On the Origin of Circuits over at DamnInteresting.com. I always wanted to try something like that out for myself, but never really found the […]

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